Owner JR Minnow - GREEN PUMPKIN (4 1/2") - $2.88

Rig the super-soft JR Minnow on a ball- or darter-head jig, and it acts like a foraging baitfish, bouncing and skipping along the bottom. Rig it on an offset worm hook and on a slow retrieve, its body and shark-shaped tail swim in a subtle side-to-side motion. For a traditional fluke-style presentation, give it a few good twitches, and its darting, erratic action draws out predatory fish. Loaded with Owners Tasty Scent for added fish attraction. Per 7. Size: 4-1/2. Colors: (001)Green Pumpkin, (005)Watermelon, (011)Blue Gill, (014)Purple, (024)Ayu. Type: Unrigged Plastic Swimbaits. Size 4 1/2". Color Green Pumpkin. - $2.88