Owner American Yuki Bug - $2.88

A hybrid, creature/craw-style bait with Tasty Scent built in to trigger strikes and make fish hold on longer. Molded paddle tail with air chamber rises up over the body of the bait, similar in appearance to a scorpion tail. When twitched, the body and tail form a straight line, and when the body settles, the tail rises up for unique, fish-attracting action. Sizes: 3.3 (Per 8), 4.3 (Per 7). Colors: (001)Green Pumpkin with Black Flake, (004)Watermelon with Red Flake, (005)Watermelon with Black Flake, (008)Black with Blue Flake(not shown), (012)Cinnamon with Blue Flake, (017)Grub White. - $2.88