Culprit Creature Craw - $2.88

Oversized claws create a fish-attracting flapping motion and thump on the retrieve similar to a spinnerbait. The claws are secured to the midbody to concentrate the bite to the hook, eliminating the problem of short strikes. Ideal for low-visibility conditions such as muddy water, thick cover or cloudy days. Can also be rigged with a light weight and fished in a swim-and-stop retrieve through shallow weeds and stumps. Also makes a great jig trailer. Per 9. Length: 2-1/2. Colors: (112)Green Pumpkin, (213)Black/Blue Fleck,(220)Okeechobee, (264)Pumpkin Pie, (275) Green Pumpkin/Orange, (277)Watermelon Candy. - $2.88