Outdoor Research PL 400 Gloves - Women's - $36.95

Two layers of fleece team up for supreme warmth in the Outdoor Research PL 400 Gloves. OR designed these babies to stand apart from liners that get separation anxiety when removed from their shells. 300-weight fleece outside is attached with hidden seams to a plush 100-weight fleece lining (300 plus 100 equals 400; get it'), and you get a glove that loves to scrape ice off of windshields in the morning. The smooth exterior makes for light water-repellency as well as smooth sliding when you combine it with one of Outdoor Research's shell options. Inside a shell, the PL 400 becomes the warmest fleece liner you could ask for, and the MotionWrap construction keeps you surprisingly dexterous by tucking seams out of your grasp. A grippy palm keeps ice axes and dog leashes from slipping away. - $36.95