Outdoor Edge Kodi-Pak Knife Set - Stainless Steel - $89.99

The Kodi-Pak offers a complete system for field dressing, skinning, caping and quartering of big game animals. It includes a deep-bellied skinning knife with a 4-1/2 blade and gut hook, a caping knife with a 2-1/2 blade and a 6 T-handle diamond-cut saw. It has non-slip Kraton handles and shaving- sharp chrome-moly 8A stainless steel blades. Total weight including sheath is 1.1 pounds. All tools fit into a full-grain leather belt sheath. Overall lengths: Kodi-Caper: 7-7/16 Kodi-Skinner: 9-1/4 Kodi-Saw: 9-1/2 Color: Stainless Steel. - $89.99