OtterBox iPad Utility Latch Case - $49.99

On vacation or on the job, the iPad Utility Latch Case maximizes the on-the-go usefulness of your Apple iPad with its protective, handy straps and holders. The durable construction is comprised of hard-gripping elastic corner hold and a center pad with an adjustable hand strap for work-anywhere convenience. A large adjustable elastic strap allows you to secure the iPad to your leg for stationary access while sitting or kneeling or secure it to the back seat of a car seat headrest. For easy hands-on access, the adjustable lanyard attaches to the case's corners to hang evenly around your neck or over your shoulder. Accessory storage bag neatly stores all straps and it doubles as a convenient iPad stand for easy viewing and typing. Lightweight screen cover offers quick coverage and momentary protection from the elements. Includes a versatile S-biner utility clip. - $49.99