Otter Outdoors Ice Sled Accessories (UNIV REAR SLED RECVR) - $17.99

Increase your sled transportation options with these hitch accessories. Available: Otter Sled Hitch with Pins (Model #200086) Hitch Otter Sleds to your ATVor snowmobile. HD steel tubing with baked-on finish for incredible strength and durability. Spring-loaded coupler absorbs shock and also pivots. Includes hitch pins. Fits Otter Pro and Wild Sleds sizes Small, Medium and Magnum. Hitch Pivot (Model #2000037) Attachment allows you to fold the hitch back over the top of the sled so you can transport without having to remove the hitch. Allows for storage in a pickup bed during transport. Universal Tow Hitch Adapter (Model #200032) Adapter plate ensures Otter Sled Hitch compatibility with most sleds. Universal Rear Sled Receiver (Model #200064) Attach this adapter plate to the rear of your sled to hook multiple sleds together for maximum capacity. Size: UNIV REAR SLED RECVR. Type: Sled Accessories. - $17.99