Ortovox Zoom+ Avalanche Transceiver - $299.00

Streamlined for ease of use, the Ortovox Zoom+ avalanche transceiver has an intuitive design that will guide you quickly to a buried victim. Zoom+ has only 2 buttons, 1 to turn it on and 1 to switch between transmit and search modes; clean design limits confusion that can occur during a search. Zoom+ has the ability to analyze its vertical orientation when buried and transmit its signal on the transmitting antenna best positioned for searchers to pick up a signal. Use the large button on top of the transceiver to quickly switch between transmit and search modes. Large display with LEDs shows the distance to the victim, the direction you need to travel and whether or not there are multiple victims. Visual search is supplemented with audio-higher and faster sounds tell you that you are getting closer to the buried transceiver. If the transceiver registers no movement for more than 2 min. while searching, it automatically switches back to transmit mode in case a second avalanche has struck. Compatible with all standardized avalanche beacons operating on the 457 kHz frequency. Includes a comfortable carrying bag and an elastic strap. 1 alkaline AA battery provides approximately 250 hrs. of transmit time. Be sure to read the included instruction manual for important information regarding the use of the Ortovox Zoom+ avalanche transceiver. - $299.00