Ortovox Avalanche Rescue Kit - $342.99

On Sale. Free Shipping. Ortovox Avalanche Rescue Kit DECENT FEATURES of the Ortovox Avalanche Rescue Kit Smart-Antenna Technology: Improves your own safety Signal separation with flagging function Most simple operation due to: Clear control elements, precise real-time display with directional arrows and circle display Rubberized housing for protection and ergonomics Lighted display for night searches Switchover in case of a follow-up avalanche Clear, optimized search acoustics Update possibility Power consumption optimization Partner check, self test 5 years Warranty Ergonomic T-handle, oval Telescopic shaft Sanded grip PFA quick assembly system Grip sleeve made of EVA foam Depth markers Dyneema draw line The SPECS Material 5052 aluminum (blade) 6061 aluminum T6 (shaft) The SPECS for Beast Dimension: 26 x 21 x 5 cm Weight: 710 g The SPECS for 240 Light PFA Diameter: 11 mm Length: 240 x 40 cm Weight: 270 g - $342.99