Ortovox 3+ Avalanche Rescue Kit - $428.95

Beacon, shovel, and probe: the holy trinity of backcountry safety just got easier to amass with Ortovox's 3+ Avalanche Rescue Set. The easy-to-use 3+ beacon features a circular display to help you determine direction, number of victims, and distance in quick order. This user-friendly, all-digital, triple-antenna search tool allows for quick recoveries and also features Smart Antenna Technology, which automatically switches between transmitting antennas to maximize signal strength in the event that you get caught in a slide. Toss in a 240cm probe and a hard-nosed aluminum shovel, and you have the tools of the trade in one convenient kit. After that, all you need is the proper avalanche safety training to enjoy years of backcountry bliss. - $428.95