Rat-L-Trap Original Rat-L-Trap Crankbait - Red Chrome - $6.29

The Original Rat-L-Trap Crankbait is the bait that started the lipless crankbait revolution. Deadly on all game fish. Dual-frequency rattle chambers imitate the vibration of a school of minnows. In fact, analysis by leading bio-acoustic research teams confirms striking similarities between the sound of actual baitfish and the Rat-L-Trap. And with its tight wobble, it dances identically to a panicked minnow or shad. Per each. Sizes: 1/8 oz., 1-1/4 1/4 oz., 2-1/2 1/2 oz., 3 3/4 oz., 3-1/2 1 oz., 4 1-1/2 oz., 4 Colors: (003)White Shad, (021)Firetiger,(024)Chrome Shad,(106)Bleeding Shiner, (111)Lectric Silver, (120)Red/Craw, (123)Chartreuse/Flash, (141)Chrome Chartreuse, (142)Chrome Pink, (232)Chrome/Black Back, (351)Baby Bass, (425)Lectric Gold, (456)Red Chrome, (502)Transparent, (507)Liv-N-Chrome, (523)Pumpkin Craw, (527)Honey Craw, (531)Avocado Zombie, (532)Rayburn Red Zombie, (537)White Zombie, (538)Sexy Zombie, (540)Chrome Black Zombie, (587)Rayburn Red Craw,(593)White Yellow Eye, (611)Toledo Gold, (681)Tennessee Chrome Shad, (836)Lake Fork Special, (837)Silverado Sparkle, (908)Gold, (920)Chrome/Blue Back. Color: Red Chrome. Type: Lipless Baits. - $6.29