Oregon Scientific Semi-Pro Weather Center - $79.88

Enjoy the convenience of accurate weather information at your fingertips without a bunch of wires to tangle up. This weather station comes with one base station, one wind sensor/wind vane/anemometer, one temperature/humidity sensor and one rain collector. Attach up to 5 additional temperature/humidity sensors (Sold separately) for complete coverage. Wireless technology enables you to position these remote sensors up to 328-ft. away from the receiving unit/display. The information is transmitted wirelessly to your display from each sensor. Not only does this result in a weather station thats easy to set up, but it also enables you to place the attractive, easy-to-read and compact display unit on any flat surface in your home. In addition to the current temperature, you can see the days high and low. You can also view the days maximum, minimum and current relative humidity. Barometric pressure and pressure tendency are displayed, along with a forecast based on the pressure trend. The unit shows current wind speed and direction. Rainfall can be viewed in two ways how much fell in the last hour, and how much fell in the preceding 24 hours. Moon phase can be displayed, and the built-in clock shows the time in standard 12-hour or military 24-hour formats. Transmitters and receiver are powered by four AA batteries each. With normal use batteries will last more than a year. Batteries included. Receiver measures: 7.1L x 4.3W x 1.9H. - $79.88