Orbea Orca Bronze/Shimano Ultegra Complete Bike - $3,399.00

The Orbea Orca Bronze/Shimano Ultegra 6700 Complete Bike combines the smooth ride of the Orca Bronze with the flawless shifting of Shimano's Ultegra component group. And as much as we gush about the new electronic version of this group, this mechanical version is about as good as it gets. Sure, you could opt for Dura-Ace, but the performance difference is tough to distinguish. And Ultegra saves you a bundle of cash. You won't find a better blend of practicality and function. The Orca Bronze frame and fork are made with Orbea's Bronze grade carbon, and it's a blend of intermediate modulus fibers that have a touch more elasticity than the higher modulus fibers in the Gold and Silver Orcas. That the intermediate fibers also create a more durable frame is an added bonus for those looking at their first carbon fiber bicycle. The real benefit of carbon fiber is the silky smooth ride. It absorbs high frequency vibrations from coarse road surfaces better than aluminum or steel frames.Like the Gold and Silver, Orbea molds the Orca Bronze frame and fork as a monocoque. Each of these is a homogenous structure with fibers running continuously along the length of the tubes and through the intersections. This increases the total strength of the bike along with the durability. There are a few structural differences that separate the Orca Bronze. It uses alloy dropouts, and the seat tube here is round where the Gold and Silver have a more sculpted, aero shape. This allows the use of a less expensive, standard round seatpost and conventional clamp assembly.Otherwise the front triangle uses the same planar styling as the other Orca models. And the tube shaping isn't all about good looks. The angular tube shapes and sometimes pronounced edges are the result of FEA (finite element analysis) and their intent to create resistance to flex in critical areas like the bottom bracket, seat tube, and head tube junction. - $3,399.00