Optimus Nova Stove - $149.95

The Nova Stove by Optimus. The legendary Optimus Nova is the benchmark for today's multifuel expedition stoves. This award winning workhorse has cooked millions of meals in the wilderness, and has become a favorite among serious backpackers. Why? A patented quick-priming burner, the self-purging aluminum pump and a built in magnetic cleaning needle Are all Features that ensure reliability and ease of use in all conditions. The single jet multifuel Technology provides versatility throughout the world. Thanks to the collapsible turbine shaped pot support, a folding flame control and a new stuff bag, pack size is minimal. Despite the small format, Optimus Nova offers stability for large sized pots. So go out and get cooking. Features of the Optimus Nova Stove Precise and immediate simmer control + fast boiling Self cleaning system cleans burner jet fast and easily - no need to stop cooking Durable aluminum pump and EZ quick connects enhance safety and ease of use Patented quick priming burner requires less preheating and saves fuel Burns all types of fuel - using same burner jet - $149.95