ONOS Harbor Docks Polarized Sunglasses with Readers - green - $99.99

The Onos Harbor Docks Polarized Sunglasses with Readers feature Onos optical quality with a lightweight, comfortable tortoise-pattern frame. CR39 polarized-lens technology offers 100% UVA/UVB-blocking protection and eliminates reflective glare. This results in sharp, crisp vision, increased depth perception and incredible color contrast. High-performance reading inserts boost magnification for detailed close-in vision. Lens colors: Amber Enhances visual acuity in overcast and low-light conditions. Blue Mirror over Grey Combats intense reflective glare; perfect for snow skiing or on-the-water activities. Green Mirror over Amber For general land-based activities, when reflective glare is not a major factor. Grey Perfect for everyday, all-day use. Color: Green. Gender: Unisex. Type: Polarized. - $99.99