OnGuard Terrier Combination Glo Cable Lock - 10mm - $10.93

The OnGuard Terrier Combination Glo cable lock features backlit combination numbers for easy use at night, so you won't be fumbling around in the dark when it's time to ride. The 6 ft. long, 10mm thick cable is made of twisted steel to offer cut resistance and is self-coiling for convenience; vinyl coating helps protect finishes. Glove-friendly, raised dials are clear and backlit by an internal LED bulb, making it easy to read the combination numbers when it's dark out. Integrated, resettable 4-digit combination lock has 10,000 possible variations; lock is permanently forged to the cable for added security. OnGuard rates the Terrior Combination Glo cable lock as a 30 out of 100 on their 100-point security rating system, where higher-rated locks offer increased security. - $10.93