OnGuard Doberman Key Cable Lock - 10mm - $22.95

This OnGuard Doberman keyed cable lock packs down small and comes with a mounting bracket, making it easy to carry with you as you ride your bicycle. The 6 ft. long, 10mm thick cable is made of braided steel to offer good cut resistance and is self-coiling for convenience; vinyl coating helps protect finishes. Integrated X2P key lock secures the cable end to the lock head in 2 places to supply high pull- and pry-resistance; lock is permanently forged to the cable for added security. Comes with 5 laser-cut keys, 1 of which has an integrated LED light. Includes a versatile mounting bracket and rip-and-stick retention strap for hassle-free transportation and storage. OnGuard rates the Doberman key cable lock as a 30 out of 100 on their 100-point security rating system, where higher-rated locks offer increased security. - $22.95