OnGuard Beast Chain Lock - $81.93

A brute of a lock, the OnGuard Beast chain lock provides high levels of security along with protective lock finish and chain cover to keep your bike secure. 12mm (0.47 in.) thick titanium-reinforced, hardened steel hexagonal link chain resists cutting or prying, while fabric sleeve cover prevents scratching. X2P Dual Lock Down mechanism design secures both sides of the shackle for ultimate pull resistance. Z-Cylinder tumbler is bump-proof and resists picking, pulling or drilling; rounded lock design and center key hole eliminate pry points. Key hole cover helps protect lock internals from the elements, enhancing longevity. All-metal end caps on the OnGuard Beast chain lock provide additional protection against hits and drops. Comes with 5 laser-cut keys, 1 of which has an integrated LED light. OnGuard rates this lock as a 95 out of 100 on their 100-point security rating system, where higher-rated locks offer increased security. - $81.93