Sage ONE Rod by - $500.00

After three years of product development and field-testing around the world, Sage introduced the most revolutionary fly rods in a generation. The ONE rods were conceived by chief designer Jerry Siem to be the worlds first precision casting instruments. Early field testers support this lofty aim with evidence, raving about pinpoint control from rods that feel like an extension of the casting arm. The backbone of the unmatched accuracy comes via Sages proprietary Konnetic Technology. Combining aerospace-grade materials with innovative manufacturing methods and processes, this breakthrough increases side-to-side torsional stability during the cast. In fly-fishing language this means the rods transfer energy fluidly from the arm to the fly in a straight line with your target for dead-on accuracy. Youll be able to feel how the line is moving through all stages of a cast for the control needed to make midcast corrections. As a key innovation of Konnetic Technology, the Advanced Modulus Positioning System optimizes the ratio of resin to carbon fiber. Using a High-Compression Molding process, the blanks carbon fibers are compacted for maximum density and precise alignment, simultaneously fusing the 50% lighter all-carbon inner core. Each of these impossibly lightweight models deliver tip-to-hand sensitivity and feedback, while retaining Sages renowned power and durability. Low-profile ferrules reduce the weight of the all-graphite connections by nearly 70%. Additional custom components include a bronze anodized-aluminum reel seat with a walnut insert and snub-nose half-Wells grip. Rods come with black powder-coated aluminum tube and cloth sleeve. Images depict the style of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length. Color: Sage. Type: Freshwater Fly Rods. - $500.00