One Ball Jay Basic Snowboard Tuning Kit 2011 - $34.95

One Ball Jay Basic Snowboard Tuning Kit 2011 - The Basic Tune Kit is perfect for the boarder who wants to properly care for their board. It comes with all the must haves for standard maintenance. For edge work an easy to use edge sharpener and ceramic stone, allowing for simple sharpening and honing. For base work F-1 all temperature wax and a Plastic Scraper to keep your board gliding fast, and a few P-tex sticks and a Metal File to repair the occasional gouge from a nail pop or the random snow snake. Put that all in a handy zippered pouch and you can take your tuning anywhere. Upgrade the Basic Tuning Kit with an iron and you will feel like a real pro. Features: Edge sharpener, File Brush. Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 128606 - $34.95