On Time Elite Solar Feeder with 200-lb. Tripod Feeder - $289.99

You don't need to power your feeder with expensive batteries. With a high-impact, 360 wrap-around solar panel powering a six-volt rechargeable gel-cell battery (included), the Elite is the first fully self-contained solar-powered feeder. The solar panel is fully waterproof with air-tight seals, doesn't have any external wires or any glass panels to break. Motor is four-times larger than a standard motor, but uses less battery power. It is fully adjustable and has three motor speeds. It can handle up to six feedings per day and one-to-30 second run times. Aluminum housing with cast-aluminum funnel.The 200 lbs. Tripod Hopper includes a 200-lb.-capacity green polyethylene barrel with a quick-release lid. Also comes with a 2"-wide, clamp-style steel band with 3/4" stubbing for installation of legs. Legs come in three 30" sections each. New integrated funnel eliminates need for an accessory funnel. Not sold separately. Type: Standing Feeders. - $289.99