Omega Pacific Lite D Screw - $12.25

The Omega Pacific Lite D Screw-Lock Carabiner is the backbone of most climbers' racks, and weighs a full 14 grams lighter than Omega's standard D while still providing 24 kN of major-axis strength. This Omega Pacific carabiner Features ISO Cold Forging and a smaller bar stock than their standard D series, making it a kick-ass compromise between strength and weight. The Specs Gate Opening: 16 mm / .630 inch Major Axis Strength: 24 kN Gate Open Strength: 7 kN Minor Axis Strength: 9 kN Weight: 57 grams / 2.01 ounces Length: 107.4 mm/ 4.23 inch Width: 55.6 mm / 2.19 inch - $12.25