Old Town Predator Camo Canoes - $1,149.99

Old Town tapped into the roots of the creation of canoes to develop the Predator series. Canoes were developed centuries ago for hunting and fishing. And the Predator C160 was created specifically for anglers and hunters. They are light enough to put on a car-top carrier or carry to remote locations so you can access areas other hunters or anglers cant. These canoes are wide, at 40.5, for extra stability for casting or shooting, and offer plenty of cargo space for gear. And the hulls are constructed with Old Towns patented PolyLink3, a three-layer polythylene material thats lighter, stiffer and stronger than single-layer designs. Plus, its foam core provides built-in flotation to make these canoes nearly impossible to sink and helps make them extra quiet. The molded-in camouflage pattern also makes them less visible to wary game. The stern work decks have zippered mesh pockets and drink holders, and the jam cleat and pulley anchor system allows the anchor to be raised, lowered and locked without leaving your seat (anchor and rope are included.) And each of these canoes has vinyl gunwales, web seats and an ash carrying yoke.For outdoor enthusiasts who need to carry a lot of gear, the Predator C160 has plenty of extra room, thanks to its 16-foot length and 1,100-pound carrying capacity. The 405 beam with stabilizing chimes guarantees stability for shooting, casting and reeling in that big one. - $1,149.99