Old Town Guide 147 Canoe - $550.93

Affordable and fun, the Old Town Guide 147 Canoe is just the boat you need to finally explore that picturesque waterway you've recently noticed-gear up and explore! A wide beam provides extra stability, making this recreational canoe ideal for photography, fishing or family paddling. Slightly arched bottom provides stability when paddling in waves; stabilizing chines increase security for beginning paddlers. Sharp entry and exit lines allows canoe to glide efficiently with less paddling effort. 3-layer polyethylene offers excellent stiffness, high durability and light weight at an affordable price. Center yoke thwart offers manageable solo portaging while polyethylene decks with molded handles facilitate 2-person transport. Stout ash thwart and vinyl-wrapped gunwales enhance rigidity. Molded seats with supportive backrests provide daylong paddling comfort. - $550.93