Odyssey Chase Hawk BMX Tire Black 20X2.4" - $24.95

Everybody loves Chase Hawk. His style is fast, stylish and smooth. The same can be said about his signature tires. Chase's tire is the first slick we've ever done, and the final product came directly from lots of discussions with the Hawk man himself. Already a fan of our Aitken tires, Chase wanted to add more variety to our line-up by doing something completely different for his design. He mentioned that we didn't have a slick, so we went from there. The Hawk tire has a fast, low-profile tread that is grippy, simple, and visually unique. This tread sticks to cement while still catering to Chase's style at the trails as well. These things look great on a bike and can be seen on many, so it's no surprise that lots of newer tires now have similar design cues. In some cases you will find that these look-a-likes are very heavy by comparison, so beware of the faux-Hawks out there.Key Features of the Odyssey Chase Hawk BMX Tire Black 20X2.4": Intended Use: BMX Defined Color: Black Color Tread/Side: Black Tire Type: Clincher Tire Diameter: 20" Labeled Width: 2.4 ISO Width: ISO Diameter: 406 / 20" BMX Tire Bead: Steel Wght/Dims: 1.47 lbs. 21 x 21 x 1 - $24.95