Oakley Split Jacket Sunglasses - $200.00

With rugged good looks and all day comfort the Oakley Split Jacket sunglasses feature interchangeable lenses with unbeatable clarity for any light condition. For easy lens swapping, SWITCHLOCK(TM) lens removal system relieves distortion-causing frame pressure by allowing the bottom part of the frame to pivot open. Quick-release removal system minimizes lens handling, so dirty fingers needn't touch lenses; cam lock frame closure securely holds lenses in place. Nylon frames are lightweight, stress resistant and flexible for long-term wear. Optically correct, shatterproof and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses enhance durability. Oakley Hydrophobic/Oleophobic permanent lens coating sheds sweat, rain, dust and skin oils, preventing build-up, keeping your vision clear. Unique Oakley 3-point fit includes optical alignment for sharp, accurate vision, impact absorption for improved protection, and geometry designed to enhance peripheral view. Matte black frames with black Iridium gray tinted lenses are best for extremely bright light; includes additional set of rose tinted lenses for low to medium light. Reflective Iridium coating enhances optical clarity and contrast, and reduces glare in varying light conditions. Nose pads and stem sleeves are hydrophilic rubber that becomes tackier as you perspire, holding eyewear in place as you move. To preserve the superior optical quality, Split Jacket sunglasses come with a specially woven, electrostatic Microclear bag for cleaning and a semi-rigid case for storage. - $200.00