Oakley Radarlock XL Straight Interchangeable Sunglasses - $220.00

Oakley Radarlock XL straight interchangeable sunglasses feature a semi-rimless design that gives you wide peripheral vision. They're perfect for riding, running and everything else you do fast. Switchlock(TM) interchangeable lens technology allows for fast and easy switching of lenses; sunglasses include 1 black iridium lens and 1 amber lens. Black iridum lenses reduce glare and are ideal for bright, well-lit conditions; amber lenses are a great choice for overcast and low-light days. Nylon frames are lightweight, stress resistant and flexible for long-term wear. 19mm nosebridge height offers a larger field of view. Open-edge design extends your vertical field of vision and retains peripheral clarity. Unique Oakley 3-point fit includes optical alignment for sharp, accurate vision, impact absorption for improved protection, and geometry designed to enhance peripheral view. Nose pads and earpads are hydrophilic rubber that becomes tackier as you perspire, holding eyewear in place as you move. Metal icon accents round out features of the Oakley Radarlock XL straight interchangeable sunglasses. - $220.00