Oakley Offshoot Sunglasses - Polarized - $190.00

Grab your guitar and slide your Oakley Offshoot Polarized Sunglasses and get your rock-and-roll career started. These vintage microphone-inspired shades lay down a smooth vibe that is great for launching you music career. The solid tech also makes these glasses great for those times when you just have to deal with the sun and not a trailer full of groupies. Plutonite lenses exceed ANSI 787.1 for impact-resistance and block 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC light Polarized lenses filter horizontal glare so you aren't blinded when the sun bounces off water or the hood of your car Polaric Ellipsoid lens geometry optimizes your peripheral view Lens curvature boosts protection from wind, sun, and impact O-Matter frame (the largest O-Matter frame Oakley has made) is stress-resistant and ultra-lightweight Helmet-compatible earstems fit smoothly under your brain protector Unobtainium hydrophillic nose and temple pads eliminate slipping Metal bands pull inspiration from old-school microphones to add a vintage rock-and-roll feel - $190.00