Oakley Jawbone Sunglasses - $200.00

It's hard to explain, but there is something badass about Oakley Jawbone glasses. Not sure if it's the sculpted shape, the sharp angles, the metal hinge, the spoilers, or if it's everything working at once. The only way these can get badder is with Iridium. And here we have an interchangeable Iridium lens paired with the Jawbone frame.Jawbone needs no introduction. It has succeeded Oakley's Radar as the go-to frame of top cyclists. The reasons are many, but the biggest two are optical clarity and comfort. Even though the Jawbone has interchangeable lenses, the clamping action of the frame doesn't exactly hold the lens. This is why the Jawbones do such a great job providing a distortion-free view. While the lens is retained within the frame, it's actually held in place by a soft liner inside the frame. It's a suspension system that allows the frame to flex a bit while the lenses stay in place without flexing and causing distortion.Oakley has done an impressive job to work their sizing magic; these should sit well, comfortably, securely, and protectively on most faces.The Oakley Jawbone Iridium is available in Atomic Orange w/Fire Iridium, Matte Black w/Black Iridium, Polished Sky Blue/Grey, and Retina Burn w/Black Iridium. Both Fire Iridium and Black Iridium have a dark grey base with a mirror coating on top. They're great for sunny days, but thanks to the neutral base they still work well in moderately bright conditions. All spare lenses and accessories are sold separately. US Oakley dealers are prohibited from shipping anywhere outside the United States. - $200.00