Oakley Jawbone Photochromic Sunglasses - $182.00

When Slipstream picked up a title sponsor in Transitions eyewear, they also picked up Oakley as a sunglass sponsor. Nice score and great tag-team in terms of eye protection. The initial package put Transitions SOLFX treatment into Jawbone lenses. The Transitions technology added to Oakley's lenses gives an extra dimension to their normal premium eye protection. Lenses that adjust to varying light conditions make sense. It's not so much that you don't have to fiddle with lenses before the ride, but that you don't have to take off your glasses during the ride. This is a feature all cyclists, whether they ride on the road or in the dirt, can appreciate.To make the Transitions lenses respond to UV light, photochromic molecules are applied to the surface of the lens in a dye. When there's no UV light, like when you are indoors, the molecules are naturally at an angle to one another, and the lens is at the lightest end of its shading. When UV rays hit the lens, the bond holding the molecules together breaks, turning them flat, and showing the tint. The lenses are the big deal with the Jawbone Transitions, but the Jawbone itself is still the amazing lightweight, strong frame with the distortion-free method of capturing the lenses in place. The Jawbone lens is clamped into place by the hinged jawbone on the lower part of the glasses. Oakley calls this Switchlock technology. Pull up the hinged nosepieces and the jawbones move freely. Open the jaw, take out the lens, and insert another. The clamp doesn't exactly hold the lens. This is why the Jawbones do such a great job. The clamp retains the lens within the frame; the actual lens holding is accomplished by a soft liner inside the frame on which the lens rides. It's a suspension system that allows the frame to flex a bit without distorting the lenses and your view.Oakley has done an impressive job to work their sizing magic; these should sit well, comfortably, securely, and protectively on most faces. - $182.00