Oakley Jawbone Livestrong Sunglasses - $205.00

In honor of The Lance himself, his foundation, and his superhero-like fight against cancer, Oakley offers this special Livestrong edition of the Jawbone. The upper part of the frame is polished Black, with Livestrong Yellow "Jawbone" lower frame. The lenses are vented Black Iridium. Black Iridium is a superb choice for the spring and summertime. It transmits only 10% of the available light to your eyes, also making it ideal for bright, sunny days. The great thing about Oakley Iridium lenses is that the Iridium coating creates a uniform filtering layer that optimizes contrast and reduces glare. And with every purchase of a set of Oakley Jawbone Livestrong Edition glasses, Oakley will donate $20 to the Livestrong Foundation.After all these years of Oakley boasting about the best optics in the business, meaning seeing clearer and with less distortion than just about anything else, they've gone out and beat their best. How' They did it by changing that which arguably makes sport shades sport shades. The pressure-fit lens. The lens that is held by only a small portion of the frame and can be removed. In order for your riding eyewear to do it's thing, the lens and frame are separate components with the lens probably being held in the frame by a notch in the lens or lenses and that notch matching a tab in a frame. In order to hold, there's likely some flexing of plastic going on. That flexing causes distortion. The more sensitive of us can really feel it, the rest probably just sense it. Rigid frames and rigid lenses can minimize this distortion, but have a hard time totally removing it. The Oakley Jawbone doesn't use pressure to hold in the lens. The Jawbone lens is clamped into place, both firmly and softly, by the hinged jawbone on the lower part of the glasses. Oakley calls this Switchlock technology. - $205.00