Oakley Carry On Roller Bag - Women's - 2685cu in - $150.00

Not all trips are the same, but there are three constants with air travel that can never, ever vary. You WILL be late, the line at check-in WILL be unbelievably long, and you WILL be seated right in front of a screaming infant. The Oakley Carry-On Roller Bag quickly and easily solves all of these problems. It's OK to show up late because you don't need to check a bag. The length of the line at check-in is irrelevant because you just blew right by. Lastly, there is plenty of room in the Carry-On Roller Bag to insert the offending infant and muffle all that irritating screaming. OK, we wouldn't recommend that last one, but you'd probably get a a standing ovation at the end of the flight if you had the stones to pull it off. - $150.00