Oakley Airbrake Bandito Bandana - $60.00

Oakley Airbrake Bandito Bandana - Pair up your premium Airbrake goggle with the ultimate barrier against the elements. It is a comfortable shield of soft polar fleece with a slash of sick attitude for any downhill desperado or high country hoodlum who wants to stir up convenience with intimidation. The vented neoprene panel is a flap with a magnetic closure, so when you are done with the session, just peel it aside and you are ready for refreshment. The Airbrake Bandito Mask will keep the daggers of cold air away from your face and neck, and with a look that crosses the border into badass, the cold air probably would not mess with you anyway. . Material: Polar Fleece, Type: Bandana, Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 280050 - $60.00