Oakley A-Frame Goggle Replacement Lens - $75.00

Oakley Iridium and High Intensity A Frame Goggle Replacement Lenses improve your vision in low light and extra bright conditions. So you're the kind of skier or snowboarder who doesn't quit riding when the conditions get nasty' And when it's sunny you're going too fast to wear sunglasses without your eyes watering, right' That's why Oakley developed high-performance replacement lenses for their A Frame Goggles. When the snow is dumping and everyone else heads for the lodge complaining about the bad visibility, throw in a pair of High Intensity Lenses to bring out what light is available. You'll see contrasts better and get more fresh tracks. Available in High Intensity Blue or High Intensity Persimmon. On bright, sunny bluebird days use the Iridium Lenses to cut glare without worrying about your eyes watering like your sunglass wearing friends. - $75.00