O'Neill Boost Drysuit Black - Men's - $439.95

The only way to stay drier than the O'Neill Boost Drysuit permits you to be is simply by staying inside all day long. This particular drysuit comes with a built-in suspender system and a very loose fitting attire that still manages to conform to the body motions and movement of the wearer. The easy motion that is so uncommon in similar suits permits you to commit any task that involves motion that would otherwise be impeded by the limitations of the suit. It is also fully taped to regulate temperature and structure.Key Features of the O'Neill Boost Drysuit: Abrasion Resistant Crotch Panel Built-In Suspender for Easy Donning Crewneck Designed for Thermal Layering Fit Designed for Additional Layering Fully Taped (FT) Latex Seals Latex Wrist & Ankle Seals Loose Fit Nylon Panels w/PVC Backing Removable Ankle Cinches Smooth Skin Single Layer (SL) Waterproof Horizontal Back Zipper - $439.95