O'Brien Valhalla Wakeboard 138 w/ Link Bindings - $303.95

The O''brien Valhalla wakeboards feature a full rail through the center of the board that tapers towards the tips, along with a very "floaty" skate inspired feel and the ability to hook up and hit the wake with speed when needed. A very light deck and thin tip and tail give this deck a low-mass swing weight. A highly favored board by O''Brien''s team riders and arguably the best value in all of wakeboarding.Key Features of the O''Brien Valhalla Wakeboard: Length (cm): 138 Mid Width (cm): 42.7 Rocker (cm): 2.40" ProgressiveKey Features of the O''Brien Link Bindings: Open Toe Design for more fit flexibility Free-Flex tongue opens wide for easy entry Size specific construction Strobel laste liner CMEVA outsole Comfort footbed Fixed Off-Axis plate - $303.95