O'Brien R5 Wakeboard 145cm - $89.95

The R5 is a snowboard shaped jib stick meant to take abuse and complete the arsenal of decks on your boat. Completely whooped on, and tested by our riders, this insanely fun board is ready for everything you can throw at it. Perfect for Watkin's next Deja Vu, or any rail jam or cable park for that matter. Or just plain butter it all over the local lake. But most of all have some fun on this twin tip rip stick...You should not have to try too hard. Construction Feature: EVA Core - Powerful Pre Loaded PopWakeboard Binding CompatibilityCan not accommodate bindings with a 6in binding plate. Can accommodate bindings with a 8in binding plate in all position options a href="http://search.the-house.com/ keywords=8inch_wakebind_plate_merch_grouping" found here /a . - $89.95