O'Brien Paradigm Wakeboard - $239.95

Looking for a board that will match your levels of style and performance? Grab the O'Brien Paradigm Wakeboard and don't look back! In the past, boards that were great on the obstacles suffered off the wake and vice versa. Not anymore! The Paradigm forges a unique union between wake and park riding, a board equally at home shredding rails or boosting off the double up. Featuring our new Fusion Core with top-to-bottom full-length wood stringers, we utilize a heavily ribbed cross-section and tapered geometry to give the right amount of flex to the board. The result is a board that is stiff through the midsection with flexible, snappy tips, allowing the board to carve with incredible energy and accelerated boot off the wake. With HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) base and rails, the Paradigm is as durable as they come and is quickly becoming an O'Brien team favorite. Wakeboard Binding CompatabilityCan accomodate bindings with a 6 inch binding plate found here. Can only accommodate a single mounting position option for Liquid Force bindings with a 8 inch binding plate and offers two positions for all other vendors found here. - $239.95