O'Brien Nalu Wakesurfer 5ft 4in - $209.95

All new for 2011, O'brien Nalu wakesurfers might be the most versatile surfer in O'Brien's line. IN their quest for float and drive, O'Brien re-evaluated the surf rocker line, pushing the flat spot further forward and creating a board that excels on wakes large, small and everywhere in between. Featuring a completely flat bottom and a single fin setup, the Nalu carries speed up the face of the wave, waiting for your latest move. Whether you're just cruising behind the boat, or spins and shuvs are more your style - the Nalu delivers.Key Features of the O'Brien Nalu Wakesurfer: Length (cm): 5' 4" Mid Width (cm): 54.6 Rocker (cm): 2.3" Skim - $209.95