O'Brien Nalu Wakesurfer 5ft 4In - $199.95

The Nalu Wake Surfer features an all new rocker profile, pushing the flat spot further forward and creating a board that excels on wakes large, small, and everywhere in between. Featuring a completely flat bottom and a single fin setup, the Nalu carries speed up the face of the wave, waiting for your latest move. Whether you're just cruising behind the boat, or ripping like a pro - the Nalu delivers.Key Features of the O'Brien Nalu Wakesurfer: Length (in): 4'8", 5'4" Tip Width (cm): N/A Mid Width (cm): 51.8 (4'8"), 54.6 (5'4") Rocker (cm): 2.1 Skim (4'8"), 2.3 Skim (5'4") - $199.95