O'Brien Format Wakeboard Blem - $212.95

Created for pro rider Josh Sanders, the O'Brien Format Wakeboard is a stunning piece of craftsmanship! Using top-to-bottom full length wood stringers, we were able to both reduce the overall volume of the board and decrease the weight of the fiberglass laminate, creating a board that is up to 1.5 lbs lighter than our standard core. We have also re-invented the progressive rocker by lifting the centerline of the board toward the tips, resulting in a more vertical pop with no loss of speed to the wake. A subtle double concave through the clean midsection of the board softens impacts on landing. The base of the deck is finished off with 4 spine fins, our signature Delta Base for a faster ride, and a full length step-down rail to increase edge hold.This board has some minor cosmetic defects-nothing that affects the performance. Wakeboard Binding CompatibilityCan accommodate bindings with a 6in binding plate found here. Can only accommodate a single mounting position option for Liquid Force bindings with a 8in binding plate and offers two positions for all other vendors found here. - $212.95