O'Brien Decade Wakeboard 139 - $228.95

The O'Brien Decade Wakeboard is quickly becoming the board of choice for both freeride and competitive riders, and for good reason. Incorporating 11 years of collective development and the most extensive prototyping ever performed on an O'Brien board and possibly the history of the industry, the Decade pushes the envelope of thought and progression of wakeboard design. The variable edge profile is fat through the center 14" of the board and quickly tapers to a more refined edge at the boot position to the tips of the board. This gives the board a unique floaty feel when centered, transferring to deep-set edge when carving. The expanded DELTA base keeps the water cleanly breaking off the tail of the board, reducing rocker-induced drag and providing optimum release off the wake. The molded fins are as thin as possible for minimal drag and optimum control, combined with a 3-stage rocker for just the right amount of kick. The clean V bottom through the center of the board makes the landings buttery soft.Key Features of the O'Brien Decade Wakeboard: 3-Stage Rocker Skill Level: Advanced PBT top with injection foam core One 0.7" Spine center fin and two outer molded-in fins on each end Screen printed. Shape by Chris Johnson and Daniel Watkins Wakeboard Binding CompatibilityCan not accommodate bindings with a 6in binding plate. Can accommodate bindings with a 8in binding plate in all position options a href="http://search.the-house.com/ keywords=8inch_wakebind_plate_merch_grouping" found here /a . - $228.95