O'Brien Contra Blem Wakeboard - $174.95

The Contra features a triple-concave hull through the midsection that transitions into defined channels exiting at the tips, providing unparalleled thrust to the wake. The variable rail has extra volume through the center for a more forgiving transition, while the unique, centrally located molded fins provide exceptional balanaced and control while on edge. The Contra rides a bit deeper in the water, allowing the rider to generate line tension effortlessly, maximizing the 3-stage pop at the wake. The Fusion core continues with Contra, providing just a bit of flex for added snap when slashing, boosting and softening landings.* This board has some minor cosmetic defects-nothing that affects the performance * Triple-Concave Hull * Variable Rail * Fusion Core * Wakeboard Binding Compatibility * Can accommodate bindings with a 6in binding plate * Can only accommodate a single mounting position option for Liquid Force bindings with a 8in binding plate and offers two positions for all other vendors - $174.95