O'Brien Clutch Wakeboard 142 - $143.95

Ahead of its time, the O'Brien Clutch Wakeboard brings you 3-stage rocker performance in a balanced package, making it the ideal deck for the intermediate to advanced rider looking to push their riding progression. Featuring a clean efficient hull, the Clutch rides smoothly on the water, and the flat spot in the middle of the board provides maximum pop for your effort. Spines under the boot locations soften up hard landings to keep you riding longer and harder. Dual molded fins allow progressive rippers to remove the center fin and still be in full control. The Clutch picks up speed like no other and retains its consistency. Looking to take your riding to the next level Grab the O'Brien Clutch Wakeboard and go tear it up this season!Wakeboard Binding CompatabilityCan accommodate bindings with a 6 inch binding plate a href="http://search.the-house.com/ keywords=6inch_wakebind_plate_merch_grouping" found here /a . Can only accommodate a single mounting position option for Liquid Force bindings with a 8 inch binding plate and offers two positions for all other vendors a href="http://search.the-house.com/ keywords=8inch_wakebind_plate_merch_grouping" found here /a . - $143.95