O'Brien Alias TT Wakesurfer 4ft 6in - $197.95

Blending the line between surfing and skating, O'Brien Alias TT wakesurfers are a true symmetrical twin tip board. Designed to be ridden centered on the board, the deck is fully dished out to give the board the feel and control of a concave skate. A squash tip and tail give the board push and let you pump from way back on the wake. Ride switch, slide the lip, and spin 3s like never before. Quad side fins give just the right edge bite for most riders, but advanced riders can choose to run a single center fin or no fins at all.Key Features of the O'Brien Alias TT Wakesurfer: Length (cm): 4' 6" Mid Width (cm): 51.26 Rocker (cm): 1.57" 3 Stage - $197.95