NRS Rogue Paddling Gloves - Men's - $31.93

Like to paddle when its chilly, windy and wet? Use the NRS Rogue paddling gloves to keep your hands warm and ready to paddle. With a titanium laminate and 2mm neoprene, the NRS Rogue paddling gloves offer excellent insulation and high resistance to evaporative cooling. Taped outer seams retain heat and prevent seepage, and you'll love the fit and feel of the low-volume seams. Durable palms with specialized grip pattern and curved fingers ensure excellent grip and superb control of your paddle or oar. Innovative neoprene cuffs create a comfortable seal around your forearm, reducing entry of water and retaining heat inside the gloves. To put gloves on, roll cuff back and insert hand with a twisting motion, then roll down cuff. - $31.93