NRA Gun Care Kit - Sand - $16.88

For superior gun lubrication and cleaning, this three-piece kit is a must-have amongst your gun-care supplies. All components are nontoxic and top-performing. Kit includes: MC25 Enzymatic Cleaner/Degreaser Water-based, environmentally safe detergent that emulsifies organic substances on contact including gun lubricants, powder residue and other debris. Provides gentle yet powerful cleaning and degreasing action. Size: 2-oz. bottle. TW25B Synthetic Gun Grease Exceptional performance in adverse conditions such as sand, dirt, high humidity, high temperatures and salt water. Provides ultimate lubrication and anti-corrosion protection for all wear parts and the bore. Eliminates galling, short-stroking and improves bore accuracy. Excellent for maintaining firearms in fire-ready condition and for long-term storage. Size: .75-oz. bottle. MC2500 Synthetic Gun Oil This lighter oil easily migrates into tightly fitted, hard-to-reach firearm parts where disassembly is neither desirable nor practical. Excellent for general quick lubrication, and provides light lubrication and anti-corrosion protection. Dependable in versatile conditions. Generally harmless to wood, rubber, plastic and composite parts. Size: 1-oz. bottle. Color: Sand. Type: Solvents. - $16.88