Nosler Nosler(R)/Winchester Ballistic Silvertip Varmint Bullets - Per 100 - $29.99

These bullets are aerodynamically efficient and feature boattail designs to maximize long-range bullet stability and accuracy. In varmint weights they are constructed for instantaneous expansion on impact. The streamlined polycarbonate tip resists deformation in a magazine, and provides a streamlined meplat for a flat trajectory that expands on impact with light and medium game. The thin jacket mouth opens easily and peels uniformly rearward to offer dependable long range and low velocity expansion. A streamlined portion of the bullet in front of the bearing surface minimizes wind drift and flattens trajectories. The core cavity allows a polycarbonate tip to generate momentum before contact with the lead core, allowing dependable bullet expansion at the lowest practical velocity levels and moves the bullet center of gravity rearward for better accuracy. A form-fitted core offers bullet accuracy by virtue of uniformity and concentricity. The Solid Base Boattail design reduces drag to maximize long range ballistic performance while providing a platform for a large diameter mushroom. Type: Rifle Bullets. - $29.99