Northwave Nero Shoes - $260.95

Much how legend tells of Nero fiddling while Rome burned beneath from a fire of his own creation, so Northwave watches the world of cycling shoes burn with pensive enjoyment after releasing the aptly Nero Shoes. The Nero provides the perfect storm of engineered characteristics. And from ventilation to comfort to stiffness-to-weight ratio, the shoes go toe-to-toe with the titans of the cycling shoe industry, and much of the time, come out the victor. The shoes feature Northwave's finest carbon fiber outsole, the Ultralight Carbon. This outsole tips the scales around a mere 60 grams of overall weight. Additionally, Northwave designed it with an extremely low stack height, one of the lowest we've ever seen, in fact. The sole's rigidity is maximized, and accordingly, you'll experience a minimal loss in of your power transfer to the pedals. The outsole also features Northwave's Airflow System, where there are three ventilation ports fore and aft on the sole. So, cool air will flow over the foot, keeping you well-ventilated and in control on race day. Further along the lines of comfort, the Nero shoes feature Northwave's new Biomap technology. Basically, this design extends to all aspects of the shoe, making its every feature an anatomically designed masterpiece. For the uppers, Biomap entails a seamless design that eliminates abrasion against the skin, the principle effect of which is a level of comfort that almost feels custom, and by maintaining a proper foot position, a direct transmission of power. Additionally, you'll find that the Nero shoes make use of Northwave's Extreme Air Footbed. This footbed has been specifically designed to be worn with the Ultralight Carbon outsole. Why' Because it has numerous vents that directly correspond to the aforementioned ventilation ports in the outsole. So, airflow doesn't simply stop at the footbed, it continues over the entire foot. Also, Northwave designed the footbed to be anallergic and antibacterial. - $260.95