Northland Tungsten Hard-Rock Mooska Jig - Ruby Red - $2.49

A finesse jig that drops like a stone for reaching panfish and perch in deep structure. Heavyweight, molded tungsten construction delivers a compact profile and fast-sinking performance in deep water and fast currents. Premium, 60 Lip-Stick fine wire hook for solid hooksets. Each has a metallic UV GraniteGlitter finish and glow-in-the-dark 3-D eyeballs. Per each. Hook sizes: #16 hook, 1/57 oz. #14 hook, 1/28 oz. #12 hook, 1/16 oz. Colors: (003)Black Onyx, (005)Sapphire Blue, (006)Fushia Pink, (009)Ruby Red, (010)Yellow Stone, (011)Silver Nugget, (012)Gold Nugget, (015)Emerald Green. Color: Ruby Red. Type: Jig Heads. - $2.49